Inside Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula Launch

You may have been watching Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula from the point of view of a current or potential customer, but as an affiliate of Jeff’s, I’d like to share some of the inside goss on what’s been going on behind the scenes.

The bottom line is that even though people have been using PLF to launch products and services since around 2008, and many people say the ‘launch model’ is dying or dead, Jeff’s been totally nailing it with this current launch so far.

He’s now delivered just about TEN HOURS of content… and people are freaking out at the quality + quantity + experience.

I’ve watched and participated in a LOT of launches, and I’ve never seen people as excited as Jeff’s folks are with this current prelaunch.

Thursday was “Lesson 3”… the Launch Blueprint… and it was just another LIVE broadcast in the launch with three hours and twenty minutes of pure content.

And it was pure content that is setting up the sales of Product Launch Formula that will come in next week when Jeff opens the shopping cart.

And there were 1,312 comments during the broadcast. Amazing!

And the beautiful thing is that even though the shopping cart is not open yet, people are asking if they can buy to get started. Just like they used to do in the launches back in 2008.

It just goes to show that Product Launch Formula, when used as Jeff teaches, still works just as well as it ever has.

So what’s next?

The “Lesson 4” LIVE broadcast will be hot. Jeff will be teaching “open cart” strategies, as well as how to sell effectively without being slimy… and he’ll also be officially making an offer for Product Launch Formula.

And there will be a great bonus for people who jump on board and register by midnight on Monday.

So make sure you check out the training so far and get set for Lesson 4 of the Masterclass. You can do that by visiting this link.

Talk soon,

Warm regards,

Rocky Tapscott

Disclaimer: If you purchase PLF through my affiliate link I may receive a referral fee from Jeff Walker, however you will pay no more to purchase the program through me than if you went directly to the Product Launch Formula website. If you would like my personal help as you create your first launch using the PLF process, check out my PLF Bonus offer here.

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