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Increase Your Product Launch Sales By Reducing Risk

Product Launch Formula Review

Product Launch Formula Review

In this Product Launch Strategy post, we’re going to look at a terrific way you can grow your sales with virtually zero cost. Your customers will love you, and they’ll start to spread the word about you and your business because they’ll start to see you as unique in your market.

So let me  ask you a question – What happens when somebody buys a product or service from your business but they aren’t happy with it? Most business owners seem to do whatever it takes to make things right, although there are always a few short sighted rogues who’ll try to do the wrong thing.

Well seeing as you are one of those honest business owners who always do the right thing, I’m going to show you how to leverage that honesty to grow your sales and profits quickly, with virtually no increase in risk to you.

Making Things Right Is A Big Selling Point

As Jeff Walker discusses in his Product Launch Formula program, it all depends on what business you are in, but making things right from the customer’s perspective may mean re-doing some or all of the work again, or giving the customer a refund or or credit, or in some cases you may exchange the item or come up with some other solution.

The main thing is you’ll do whatever it takes (within reason) to avoid having a dissatisfied customer. That’s because you know it’s probably going to come back and bite you in the future if you don’t fix the problem. And of course you’ll want to do that anyway because the Government will force you to fix things in many states, so there’s really no way to get out if it.

But think about what might happen if your customers knew that buying from you had no risk attached. And as discussed in our Product Launch Formula Review, when people purchase from you instead of someone else, it means their purchase is totally protected. If that was the case, do you think it might help you to increase your sales? Just maybe, right?

Why You Should Shoulder The Risk

You know yourself that whenever a product or services is sold, one of the parties to the transaction (and it’s most often the buyer) is always taking on more of the risk than the other side. And a great way to stand apart from your competitors, and the absolute best way for people to trust you as a vendor is for YOU to shoulder more of the risk than they do.

So why on earth would you want to do that?

Because when you ask your customers to take on all of the risk, many people will not buy from you because they don’t feel safe and they are worried about making a mistake. And that means a whole lot of potential customers will fall through the cracks, and won’t make it into your sales funnel. They’ll delay the purchase, go to one of your competitors instead (oh no, the shame!).

And because you asked them to take on all of the risk in the transaction and scared them off, you’re going to miss out on all of those profitable future transactions that could have gone on for months or even years. So the big idea here is that by reducing or eliminating the customer’s risk on the transaction as we discuss on this Product Launch Formula Review, you are likely to get a lot more people buying from you, and they will then have the chance to buy more of your stuff, more often.

You Should Reduce The Barriers To Entry

By minimizing or eliminating the barriers to entry for your customers, you make it a whole lot easier for people to buy from you and not spend their money somebody else. So take a couple of hours with your team sometime this week and work out how you can offer a no-weasle-out clause guarantee for some or all of your products or services.

And if you already offer a guarantee, make your guarantees as ballsy as possible, and make sure all of your prospects and customers KNOW about it. That way they can factor your guarantee into their buying decisions. Give this idea a test for couple of weeks in your business and see what happens. I think you’ll be very surprised.

And if you’d like more ideas on increasing your sales and profits, check out this Product Launch Formula Review

If you can implement this strategy, both before and after your initial launch, you can create a long-term, sustainable business for yourself and your family that will allow you to prosper for many years to come. To learn more, check out Jeff Walker’s free Product Launch Masterclass here.

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