Your Product Launch Emails & Getting People To Click

One of the most important aspects of using the Product Launch Formula process to launch your product, service or business is being able to get people to read your messages and then click on the links in your product launch emails to visit your content.

The whole idea of using pre-launch content (referred to as PLC) is to share the story of your product and why people should ultimately buy from you is to move them from the email to your website where they can consume the content.

But what is the best way to encourage people to read your message and then click through? Here are the steps to achieving that:

Determine the Big Benefit First

Before you write a single word of your teaser, you need to figure out the big benefit of the content. Your reader is going to be thinking, “Why should I click on this link?” – and your teaser needs to answer that question.

Remember to Keep it Short

A teaser may be as short as one line, all the way to several paragraphs. You want to keep it short so that even the most time-pressed subscriber or the person with the shortest attention span will read and act on the teaser. You’ll get examples in just a few moments.

Hook the Reader

A good teaser captures and holds your readers’ interest, and often it arouses curiosity too. This starts with your email subject line, as it needs to be intriguing enough to get your audience to open your email. Then your short teaser needs to be intriguing enough to get readers to click on your link.

Create a Compelling Call to Action

Your reader is hooked, so you drop the link in the end of the email. But don’t assume they’ll click the link. Sure, some people will click on it. But in order to get the highest conversion rate, you need to specifically tell people to click the link and take the desired action.

Now let’s put all these tips to work with a few examples…

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Pull It All Together: Examples

Here are a couple examples that show you how to create short, benefit-driven teasers with calls to action:

Example 1:

Let’s suppose you want people to click through to your PLC to learn about copywriting. Here’s an example teaser email…


Subject line: The secret of million-dollar sales letters…

Hi [Name],

There’s one little thing that the world’s best copywriters do that no one else does (not even you). And this one little thing is what creates million-dollar sales letters.

What’s the secret? That’s what you’ll find out in today’s blog post. Read it here:

[link to blog post]

[sign off]

P.S. Some people say I should charge for this information. Maybe I will. But if you’re quick, you can read it now for free on my blog at:

[link to blog post]


This example presented a big benefit (learning how to create a million-dollar sales letter), and it aroused curiosity to get people to click through. The curiosity started in the subject line with the word “secret.” It continued in the body of the email by using the word “secret” again, and arousing curiosity about what that “one little thing” is that the best copywriters use.

Finally, this example also created a sense of urgency (which is one of the critical Mental Triggers Jeff teaches in PLF) at the end to get people to click the link now (rather than put it off for later). This works if the sense of urgency is genuine. In other words, don’t create “false” urgency just to get the click. Always be upfront and honest with your audience. As I like to say, offer HOPE, not hype.


Example 2:

Let’s suppose you’ve created a pre-launch video that shows beginners the easiest way to set up a blog. Here’s an example of what your teaser may look like:


Subject line: Set up a blog in five minutes?

Hi [Name],

Every time someone talks about setting up a blog, they throw a lot of technical mumbo jumbo at you. It’s confusing and overwhelming, especially if you’re not a techie.

Forget all that – now you too can set up a blog fast and easy… in as little as five minutes from now.

Ready to take the first step towards your profitable blogging career? Then click here to watch the free video:


[sign off]

P.S. It’s easier than you think. See for yourself by watching the free video now: [link]


This example showcases the benefit that non-tech people really want – an EASY way to set up a blog. The email starts off by empathising with the reader, and then goes on to say there’s a fast and easy way to do it, and the reader can learn about it for free by clicking the link.


As you work through your Pre-pre-launch, Pre-launch and launch emails, there will be plenty of instances when you need to craft a teaser that gets people to click through to your Product Launch Content. Use the ideas and examples above to start creating more effective teasers that get your readers to click through to your launch content.

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Talk soon,


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