How To Know Which Type Of Product Launch To Do First

Jeff Walkers Product Launch Formula MasterclassThe second session in Jeff Walker’s Free Product Launch Masterclass starts tomorrow. And if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know that getting your online business started can be hard work.

Session 2 is the one that will help you to make sense of it all and launch with near instant momentum and sales.

As most people know, there are so many different ways to go. Every day, there seems to be more and more pop-up gurus announcing they’ve discovered “the #1 proven system”…

Truth is, there’s only one system that’s stood the test of time – one that’s generated over a billion dollars in sales over the last 18 years – and that’s Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula process.

Nearly every successful player in the marketing industry has used it to grow their business. As well as thousands of people in every niche market imaginable, from horse dancing to selling bull semen… and everything in between.

And now you can finally learn from the source – for free. As I’ve mentioned perviously, Jeff is now holding his free once-per-year Product Launch Masterclass.

What’s In Session 2 Of The Product Launch Masterclass

The first lesson was posted a few days ago and Jeff is about to post the second, where you’ll discover:

  • The three main types of Product Launches… and how to tell which type is perfect for you right now
  • The fastest, easiest, and safest way to create a market-proven offer that people are guaranteed to want to buy (even brand new business owners can use this to make sales fast)
  • How you get paid before you’ve even created your product, and have your audience co-create it with you (and how to scale in a massive way once you do)

… and much more

Register for session 2 of Jeff’s Launch Masterclass here

(When you register, you’ll also get access to Lesson #1 – and download all the awesome bonuses – so you can get all caught up.)

Warm regards,

Rocky Tapscott
Product Launch Strategy

P.S. In Lesson #2, Jeff will also share the “launch stacking” strategy he used to go from a stay-at-home dad (with only $400 per YEAR in disposable income) to his first $1,000,000 in sales.

It’s a crazy story and you can get the full scoop here.

Please Note: I’m privileged to be one of Jeff Walker’s affiliate partners. That means if you end up joining me in his Product Launch Formula program, I might receive a referral commission at no extra cost for you.

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