Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Masterclass Has Come Out In The Open

Jeff Walker just took down the “firewall” that was hiding the content from his Product Launch Masterclass. It’s more than 10 hours of content, including downloads, Q&A, the “super secret” sessions… and lots of other cool stuff.

All 10+ hours of video are now on one page, and you don’t even need to opt-in to get it all.
Even crazier…

Jeff just released his “Product Launch Blueprint” — a downloadable 30+ page PDF that walks you through each step of his PLF launch process. It has the entire launch journey mapped out… and he’s giving it away, for free, without even asking for your email address!

Go check it all out while you still can.

Watch the full Product Launch Masterclass here

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P.S. If you think Jeff’s Launch Masterclass lessons are awesome (and they are)… then you should definitely check out Jeff’s full-blown PLF training:

Watch the full Product Launch Masterclass here

P.P.S. As a PLF owner and user since 2008 and one of Jeff’s affiliate partners, I may receive a commission from Jeff if you invest in his program at the end of the Masterclass – but it won’t cost you anything extra.

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