Product Launch Formula Review – Get Launch Video Access Again

In this Product Launch Strategy post, I wanted to share something cool that Jeff Walker has just done that will help you regardless of whether you grab a membership to PLF or not.

Since the cart opened to allow people to buy PLF, the 3 pre-launch videos jeff shared have been locked away so you couldn’t get access to them. I watched all 3, and I wished I had taken more notes before they were gone.

Well there must have been a lot of people asking to see them again, because Jeff has just taken down the “firewall” that was hiding three super high-value full-length training videos.

They’re all on one page, and you don’t need to opt-in to see them. You can watch them here.

Everyone here at Product Launch Strategy thinks these videos are awesome (and we think you’ll feel the same) so you should definitely check out again before they go away on Friday at the end of Jeff’s launch.

Check out Jeff’s full Product Launch Masterclass training here.

Talk soon,