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Product Launch Formula Review – Get Launch Video Access Again

In this Product Launch Strategy post, I wanted to share something cool that Jeff Walker has just done that will help you regardless of whether you grab a membership to PLF or not.

Since the cart opened to allow people to buy PLF, the 3 pre-launch videos jeff shared have been locked away so you couldn’t get access to them. I watched all 3, and I wished I had taken more notes before they were gone.

Well there must have been a lot of people asking to see them again, because Jeff has just taken down the “firewall” that was hiding three super high-value full-length training videos.

They’re all on one page, and you don’t need to opt-in to see them. You can watch them here.

Everyone here at Product Launch Strategy thinks these videos are awesome (and we think you’ll feel the same) so you should definitely check out again before they go away on Friday at the end of Jeff’s launch.

Check out Jeff’s full Product Launch Masterclass training here.

Talk soon,


Product Launch Formula Review – Download Your Product Launch Blueprint

In this Product Launch Strategy post, I’ve got a really cool freebie for you…

Jeff Walker has just released his Product Launch Blueprint, which is a downloadable PDF and a full-length training video that walks you through how to use the Blueprint step-by-step.

And since Jeff’s Product Launch Formula is responsible for creating HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars online sales, this Blueprint gives you kind of a “behind the scenes” look at his multi-million-dollar strategies and how he things about a launch and plans everything out.

Grab a copy the Blueprint free (only for the next few days) here.

Again, you’ll have to opt-in to get the Blueprint, but there’s no upsells, no cross sells, or any of that annoying crap at all.

There’s even a hidden “resources” section in the Blueprint that doesn’t show up in the training video, but it’s in the Blueprint and it’s killer.

IMPORTANT: be sure to print out the PDF so you can take notes as you go through the video.

Get the Product Launch Blueprint here before Jeff pulls it down.

Get it now while you still can…

Talk soon,

Product Launch Strategy

Behind The Scenes At A REAL Product Launch

Just to give you an idea of what the planning for a real live product launch looks like, watch this video where I share a high level overview of what we were going to be doing in a recent launch I managed for a client.

Click Play to watch the video…

If you’d like to discuss how this kind of done-for-you product launch service could short-cut your next product launch and get you to the money quicker, let me know by getting in touch using the contact page above.

PLUS: When you’re ready, here are 4 ways I can help you to grow your business using product launches:

1. How To Build A Profitable Launch List.
Building an email list is critical if you plan on doing a launch for your product, service or business. My 1-2-3 List Building Cheat Sheet will show you how to build a responsive list of prospects who are ready to buy from you during your launch. Click Here

2. How To Create A Signature Product Out Of Thin Air In 72 Hours Or Less
Creating your product does not need to take weeks or months. My 72 Hour Product Creation Guide shows you how to build high value products one after the other in 72 hours or less. Click Here

3. How To Outsource Your Product Creation And Make It Hands Free.
Outsourcing the creation of some or all of your products and bonuses is a great way to save your time for the more important (and more fun) things you’d rather be doing. Grab my Hands Free Outsourcing Cheat Sheet to learn more. Click Here

4. Work One-On-One With Me
If you’d like to work directly with me to run a launch for your business… just send me a message by emailing me at rocky [at] localwebsolutions.com and put “One-on-One” in the subject line… tell me a little about your business and what you’d like to work on together, and I’ll get you all the details!

Also, check this out 🙂

Jeff Walker’s free Product Launch Formula training.