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Product Launch Formula Review – How To Get Thousands Of New Customers

Product Launch Formula Review

Product Launch Formula Review

In this Product Launch Formula Review post, we’re going to go to the very heart of using PLF to attract thousands of new customers to your business.

Of course it depends on your business, and you may not need to generate thousands of additional customers yourself, but this post will show you exactly how to generate as many new customers as you need whenever you want to.

If you’re like most business owners, you’d probably like to be able to generate a bump in sales at will, to counteract the impact the the bad economy.

So what would you say if I gave you a way to leverage millions of dollars worth of other people’s advertising, along with the all of the goodwill they have built up with their customers during the time they’ve been in business?

You are about to learn exactly how to do that, and it won’t cost you dime to start using it.

The Original Idea For Product Launch Formula

This tactic was the forerunner and original basis for Jeff Walker coming up with Product Launch Formula way back in the day. It’s cool because it means that you can have access to the hundreds or thousands of customers all around you who have been assembled by other businesses without it costing you anything up front.

And the best part about these customers is that they have proven to be loyal to those businesses by buying from them over and over again. You are going to be able to have some of those companies send all of their customers to you so they can start doing business with you too.

The concept we are talking about here is called Strategic Alliances or Joint Ventures. And while most business owners don’t consider this as a viable alternative to traditional advertising, it’s a very easy way of tapping into the existing goodwill and relationships that other businesses have established with people who would be ideal candidates for your products or services as well.

How To Profit With JV’s Using Product Launch Formula

To start profiting from this idea, the question to ask yourself is this: “Who in the local area has already established a buying relationship with the same kind of people or businesses I’d like to have as customers?”

In other words, who’s already selling products or services to the type of customers I want to be reaching?

They should be selling things that doesn’t compete directly with what you sell, and the kind of products that people buy either before, during or after they buy whatever it is that you sell.

Putting Your Product Launch Formula Joint Ventures Into Action

All you have to do is to get in touch with the business owners on your list and team up with them. In the Product Launch Formula Course, Jeff has included all kinds of email copy and swipe files you can use to make this contact easy.

But if you want to get stated right away, just be sure to make it easy (and profitable) for them to send their customers to buy something from you, there’s virtually no way people can refuse. So why they people be willing to do this kind of deal with you? They’ll do it for two main reasons.

The number one reason is that you’ll show them why buying from you is in their customer’s best interest. You can do that by demonstrating the great value and benefits you will give their customers, compared to what they would get if they purchased the same product or service from one of your competitors.

And secondly, they’ll do it because you will give them some form of compensation (financial or otherwise) – you’ll give them something they want. In every selling situation, it’s all about them. It’s never about what you want. So ask yourself this question.

“What does my prospective partner want or need that I could give them so they’ll help me get what I need?” There’s going to be a lot of different answers to this question depending on the situation. But once you really get this idea of working with other businesses for your mutual benefit, you can’t miss.

Product Launch Formula Could Be A Goldmine For Your Business

There are literally tens or hundreds of thousands of businesses desperately trying to make more sales, and they don’t know what they should be doing to get them. You could turn out to be a great strategic alliance partner for them, even before you get into your Product Launch Formula training.

Of course, Jeff Walker’s PLF will make it all the more easy for you to hit the ground running with Joint Ventures, but there’s nothing to stop you from putting together a few on your own right now.

So if this sounds like something you’d like to test in your business, grab the idea now and get to work on implementing it. Putting together just a few of these deals, both before and after your initial launch, you can create a long-term, sustainable business for yourself and your family that will allow you to prosper for many years to come. To learn more, check out Jeff Walker’s free Product Launch Masterclass here.

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