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How To Grow Your Product Launch List Using Content Upgrades

As you prepare to implement your Product Launch Formula training during your launch, or even as you continue to grow your business after you’ve launched, building your email database is one of the core activities that never ends.

The problem these days is that it’s never been harder to get real email addresses from people, because they are so over-marketed to and they are sick of getting emails pitching them stuff all day every day.

To get somebody’s real email address, you need to offer them something they REALLY want to get their hands on. That’s why offering a Content Upgrade is such a terrific strategy.

So what is a Content Upgrade?

Well as the name suggests, it’s a piece of additional, related content that ‘upgrades’ the users’ experience on your website.

For example, let’s say you’ve written an epic blog post showing people how to set up an automated follow up sequence using an autoresponder.

The perfect Content Upgrade for that post might be:

  • A PDF containing 20 pre-written autoresponder messages that help your reader introduce themselves to their new subscribers, share a series of valuable tips and ideas, and then make it easy to promote a product or services to monetise their list
  • A PDF containing a list of the best 101 email subject lines that have been tested and proven to work
  • A video explaining the content of your post in more detail, along with your personal tips and advice on getting the most value out of the information you’ve shared
  • A PDF copy of THE POST ITSELF (see an example on this page) so people can download a copy of your post to their computer and refer to it later…

All of these ideas can be used to create an awesome Content Upgrade in virtually any market.

So why bother going to the trouble of creating these ‘upgrades’ for your business?

Conversions. People Join Your Product Launch List – That’s why…

The typical website optin rate (not counting dedicated landing pages or ‘squeeze’ pages) can be anything from 0 to 10% (and 10% is very rare).

But to give you an idea just how powerful this strategy can be, here’s the conversion rates of just a few of my Content Upgrade offers from my blog posts. I use Leadpages optin forms for these and you can see how well they convert into new subscribers.

PLF Content Upgrade Conversions

As you can see, the optin rate ranges from 39% to 120%!

Why so high?

Because the people opting in are requesting more information on a topic they have just read about on the website.

So for example, the people who requested The 72 Hour Product Creation Guide are reading a post about creating your own products. The others are the same.

The upgrades are closely related to the content people are ALREADY reading so they are (in context), which is why the conversions from clicks to subscribers is so high.

Does everyone who reads the post click on the link? No, only the people who are INTERESTED in learning more.

And some of those people are interested enough to pay for information or services that will help them shortcut the process…

Some Content Upgrade Examples To Consider To Grow Your Product Launch List

So now you understand the opportunity, let’s look at a bunch of ideas other people are currently using to grow their email databases…

This an example from the LeadPages.net blog.

Leadpages Content Upgrade

Here’s one from another LeadPages post…

LeadPages Product Launch Content Upgrade

This one offers a free affiliate marketing course as a ‘Related Resource’ on a post about, you guessed it, affiliate marketing…

Content Upgrade Affiliate

This one offers a Free Infographic on how to use Facebook advertising…

Product Launch Content Upgrade Facebook

Here’s a very simple example offering a Free PDF that shares the best guarantee examples he’s seen.

Product Launch Content Upgrade Guarantee

Here’s one from Hubspot offering their ‘Sales Objections Cheatsheet”

Content Upgrade Hubspot

Here’s another Hubspot example offering a free guide on How To Use Facebook For Business.

Product Launch Content Upgrade Hubspot

Here’s one from a great post on the LeadPages blog discussing how to add a personal touch to your high-tech marketing.

Product Launch Content Upgrade

And here’s an awesome example from Marisa Murgatroyd from a blog post teaching why storytelling is important in business…

Melissa Product Launch Content Upgrade

So as you can see, there are a lot of ways you can use this technique to increase the number of people joining your product launch list.

I’d love to hear how from you in the comments below on how you are implementing this technique as part of your product launch list building.

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Talk soon,


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