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How To Save Time And Sanity During Your Next Product Launch

If you are preparing to run a Product Launch Formula style launch, there’s no doubt you have a LOT of work in front of you.

But one way you can save yourself HOURS of time, and probably your sanity in the process, is to outsource some of the less-critical tasks to a Virtual Assistant or somebody on Upwork or Fiverr.com

So what sort of things could you potentially outsource to free up your time and mental bandwidth for more important and higher value tasks as your Product Launch gets closer?

Tasks To Outsource For Your Product Launch

Here’s a comprehensive list of the tasks you might want to consider offloading to a VA:

  • Create a master email Autoresponder Series that follows up with subscribers from the moment they join your launch email list and allows you to send your pre-launch content and open cart messages when they are ready to go
  • If you are segmenting prospects as they opt-in to your email list, create lead capture pages for each segment of people so they can receive customised marketing messages based on what they told you they were interested in
  • Create your Lead Magnet or even the pre-launch content that leads to the sale of the product or service you are launching
  • Do graphic design for a cheat sheet, PDF Guide, Ebook, Report, White Paper or other written materials you are using for your launch
  • Write well researched, helpful, informative and SEO friendly blog or website posts that presell the products, services or consultations you will be offering
  • Write and test your launch sales letter or sales video for maximum conversions when the cart opens
  • Write a press release to generate leads for personal or automated follow up by phone, mail, email, Facebook Messenger or text message before and afterwards
  • Create a Bot for automated followup on Facebook Messenger to help deliver your prelaunch content and offer
  • Design your launch website, a blog or other online content to complement the sales process
  • Install and customise a WordPress script or undertaking other types of website programming
  • Create the interior design for an Ebook or other PDF documents
  • Create and edit a pre-selling video and upload it to the major video sharing sites
  • Create a slide-share presentation highlighting the benefits of product or service, or for another purpose including the training content of your program, or sharable content you can give to affiliates to promote your launch
  • Turn the slide-share presentation created above into a video or series of videos for distribution as free or paid content
  • Analyse website data and optimise sales pages or website content for better conversions
  • Optimise a blog for readability, SEO and conversion of visitors into subscribers and customers
  • Do comprehensive research for a market and turn that research into a Report to be used to sell a range of products, services or other for projects
  • Do research into competitors products and services to find a ‘hole’ in the market, an unfilled need others are not targeting, an entirely new market, or a new way of approaching a market to increase sales
  • Design a logo that embodies the essence of what your business stands for and promotes positive feelings in your target audience
  • Create a slogan that shares your businesses’ core philosophy in a powerful and memorable way
  • Create an advertisement to be used online or offline and post the ad where targeted prospects will see it
  • Launch a Facebook ad campaign to drive traffic, subscribers and sales
  • Design an eye-catching banner graphic
  • Find targeted websites to deploy the banner graphic above to generate website traffic, subscribers and sales
  • Create a rebrandable report your business can use to generate leads, to use in list-swap campaigns, or to give to other businesses so they can earn referral fees or affiliate income by giving it away to their subscribers
  • Do voiceover narration of blog posts, Guides and Reports to turn them into video content
  • Research social media hashtags to find out what is trending in the news, then create topical content to attract visitors based on those topics
  • Grow social media followers by posting valuable content, or by building and moderating a targeted Facebook Group
  • Launch and manage a contest on Facebook, Instagram or another online platform where prospects congregate
  • Edit or proof read all of your content to ensure it’s accuracy and readability
  • Edit long video content into smaller segments and upload these shorter segments to video sharing sites
  • Tweak Private Label Rights content to make it unique and use it for website content, free or paid reports and guides, or complete products for sale or to give away as subscriber and customer rewards or bonuses
  • Transcribe multimedia content into either long form transcripts or video captions
  • Convert an ebook into a kindle book and create a sales system for the book
  • Turn a digital book into a physical book and list it on Amazon.com. Ensure the physical book offers purchasers to ability to subscribe to an email list to receive bonus materials and offers for related products and services
  • Design cover graphics for physical and digital books, reports and guides you are offering
  • Develop an app, a piece of software or a plugin to automate some of the grunt work involved in getting a result from your product or service
  • Set up an ecommerce platform so your business can make sales and take payments online during your launch
  • Do a full website or sales system audit and create a report containing recommended changes
  • Create guest articles around tightly focused topics of interest to prospects and customers
  • Research and find guest blogging opportunities for the articles above and submit them to sites that accept guest blog posts
  • Find and schedule guest interviews on Podcasts, Webinars and in other media that targets the businesses prospects and clients
  • Find and/or recruit Joint Venture partners
  • Create training materials and re-brandable content for the Joint Venture partners above to help them maximise their sales with the least amount of effort
  • Plan an overall marketing strategy for the launch and beyond, and then they can help you implement the strategy and tactics
  • Set up a membership site for customers who purchase during your launch to access their content
  • Stock the membership site with content and create the follow-up system to allow you to contact members regularly with unannounced bonuses building more trust and loyalty, and offers so you can increase backend sales
  • Plan your launch sales funnel, then implement and test each element of the funnel to maximise conversions
  • Research the market and provide keyword research your business can use to increase your reach using Google Adwords or organic SEO traffic
  • Setup and manage a Google Adwords campaign to drive launch traffic and sales
  • Participate in relevant online and offline communities as an advocate for your business
  • Provide reporting on a range of functions and strategies for you to analyse so you can make informed decisions
  • Create the documentation required for a help desk so customers can get their questions answered promptly and correctly
  • Be the customer support people for the help desk above
  • Once your launch is over, create a Udemy course using a cut down version and promote it on and off the platform

So there you have it, a whole range of tasks you could consider delegating to a VirtualAssistant to free you up to do the critical strategic things that only you can do during your next product launch.

I really hope it helps you to save a bunch f time and stress as you roll out your launch using the PLF process.

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Talk soon,


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