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The Product Launch Formula All Access Page Is Live

Jeff Walker just took down the “firewall” that was hiding his full-blown Product Launch Formula Masterclass and has put all of the Masterclass lessons on one page without the need to give away your email address to see them.

It’s more than 12 hours of content, including downloads, Q&A, the “super secret” sessions… and even the infamous “Squirrel Cam” that had viewers raving (you’ve gotta watch to get it).

All 12+ hours of video are now on one page, and as I mentioned, you don’t need to give your email to see them. Just go here to watch now.

Warm regards,

Rocky Tapscott

P.S. If you think these Launch Masterclass lessons are awesome, then you should definitely check out Jeff’s Product Launch Formula Training.

Note – After being a happy Product Launch Formula owner since 2008, I’ve been affiliate-partner of Jeff’s for the last few years. That means that if you end up joining me as a PLF owner through one of the links on this site, I might receive a referral fee at no extra cost for you.

Your Product Launch Formula All-Access Pass

Jeff Walker is getting ready to close down registrations for his Product Launch Formula launch in a couple of days.

Before he does, you have a final chance to watch all of his pre-launch videos again (or for the first time if you missed them) here.

There all on one page, and you don’t need to opt in to watch them.

Once the launch is over, the videos will be coming down, so if you want to watch how the inventor of the online product launch launches how own product, check them out again while you still can.

Personally I always use Screenflow to record everything Jeff does so I can go through the videos again later and model them myself (but I’m a bit anal about this stuff LOL)

But you could at least make some notes and take some screen shots of the process for yourself if you want to use this launch process for your own business.

You can check out Jeff’s pre-launch videos for the last time here.

Chat soon,