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2 Big Product Launch Benefits Many People Forget About

We’ve been looking at many of the major benefits of using the Product Launch Formula process to release a new product or service in recent articles, but there are two big ones that many people don’t realise.

The first one is that you can create a lot of raving fans who become evangelists for you and your company.

And the second is that even those people who don’t become raving fans often feel a much closer relationship with you because the get to see the ‘real’ you, and see (maybe for the first time) that your really are trying to help them.

As you know, the best customers are those who know, like and trust you. They tend to buy more of your stuff, pay higher prices with less resistance, complain less, and bring their friends and family into your business.

A product launch can help you to identify these awesome customers, and single them out for special attention so they feel even more special.

How do you find them?

One way is to watch the comments people leave for you during your launch. Many of your biggest fans will self-select and raise their hands by writing wonderful comments in the Facebook comments area of your launch blog.

They’ll shout your praises and tell everybody else that you are awesome, often share the results they’ve achieved using your stuff, and sometimes even tell people why they should buy your product or service.

Importantly, you’ll also see a few people raising objections to buying in the comments, and this gives you a chance to address those objections in your future launch videos, in your video sales letter when the time comes, and the emails you send people during the week your launch is live.

You just have to look at the comments on Jeff Walker’s PLF Launch Blog (it may no longer be live depending on when you read this, so I’ve included a small screen shot below – note there were 2047 comments when I took this!)

Product Launch Formula Facebook Comments

As you can see, there’s a LOT of interaction and relationship-building going on during Jeff’s launch. Of course you’d have to assume the master of the online product launch is going to have that for his.

But what about you? Honestly, while the numbers will be smaller (especially when you are starting out), you can get the same kind of interaction with your launch when you follow the PLF process.

You can learn more about that process for yourself by watching Jeff’s free video training here.

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