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The Fastest Way To Build A List Of Targeted Prospects Without Paying For Traffic Up Front

As Frank Kern says on his website’s home page (screen shot below), “The Most Dependable And Consistent Way To Generate Wealth Is To Turn Advertising Into Profit.”

Frank Kern Home Page

This is so true, and if you can develop an offer that allows you to generate a large number of leads while breaking even or make a small profit on the front-end, you have the opportunity to create an extremely profitable business by monetising the back-end.

For many small businesses, the problem is coming up with an advertising campaign that can do that after factoring in all of your customer acquisition costs.

One proven way (although obviously it’s not suited to every business) is to do a product launch.

Here’s why…

1. When you launch a new product or service using techniques such as email sequences and video, you create an enormous amount of buzz, authority, and social proof for you and your business.

And by turning the release of your product or service into an Event like this, you are also benefiting from a range of powerful mental triggers including:

  • Reciprocity
  • Anticipation
  • Proof
  • Community
  • Interaction and conversation
  • Scarcity

2. By recruiting JV partners and affiliates to send you traffic, you only pay a commission for sales after your affiliates have made them. You usually don’t pay for all the leads you generate (more on this below).

Of course you’ll have to do some preliminary testing to make sure your launch is going to convert for your affiliates. This is where a Seed Launch and an Internal Launch will set the scene for a profitable JV or partner launch.

A Seed Launch only requires a very small email database to succeed, and allows you to get paid to create an information product that contains the exact training and insights the people in your market want to buy (because they helped you to create it).

And an Internal Launch lets you create your pre-launch content, develop a killer offer, and test your systems in a low risk environment (your prospects and customers will be more forgiving of minor mistakes you might make).

Once you’ve developed your product and tested your systems using your existing email database of prospects and customers,, you can confidently roll out your JV launch with selected partners.

3. A product launch allows you to do a massive list-build of targeted prospects who can buy from you again in the future.

Your JV partners all mail their email lists and send their subscribers to your optin page so you can send your pre-launch content to their people.

You get to keep this list of prospects after the launch is over, and that means you can go from a few hundred or a few thousand people on your personal list, to potentially tens or hundreds of thousands of people in a very short period of time.

Here’s an example from a recent launch of how Peter Diamandis generated over $430,000 in sales, 46,000 new leads, and 18,350 books sold (here’s a link to the article).

Product Launch Sales Funnel

Want some proof that this list building technique works?

In Jeff’s recent PLF launch, the JV leaderboard for the lead generation contest was dominated by people who had ALL recently completed launches of their own…

In fact SIX of the top 11 people on Jeff’s JV Leaderboard had recently launched their own products, and are now using the lists they built during those launches to participate in and dominate a completely different launch for somebody else’s product.

How cool is that?

Can you imagine doing this for yourself?

If you’d like to learn more about doing a launch for your product or service that sells a bunch of stuff while building a list of targeted prospects you can sell to later, you can do that here.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.


Rocky Tapscott

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