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How To Attract People To Your Product Launch Using Social Media

Learning how to attract people to your product launch using social media and then capturing their details on an email database before sending them to your Pre Launch Content is a time-tested and proven way to make sales.

Having said that, it’s not always easy and there are plenty of traps. Here’s what we’ll cover in this post to help you optimise your results:

• Choosing Your Platforms
• Understand How Social Media Works
• Create Content That Intrigues People And Gets Clicks

Let’s jump in…

Choose Your Platforms

The first step is to choose which social media platforms you’ll focus on. The top options include:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• YouTube
• Instagram
• Pinterest

The idea is to focus on two or maybe three platforms that will be most beneficial to your business. You need to consider two things:

• Where does your audience congregate? This is the most important factor to consider when deciding which platforms to use. You’ll need to do some research such as finding out the key demographics of people on the various platforms, as well as looking at your competitors’ pages on these sites to see where they get the best results (shares, comments and other interaction).

• What type of content do you intend to post? For example, if you intend to post a lot of videos, then obviously YouTube should make your list. On the flip side, if you’re not interested in posting photos, then Instagram isn’t a good choice.

Once you know where you’re going to post, then move to the next step…

Understand How Social Media Works

While your newsletter is basically a monologue, social media is different because it works best when you create a dialogue with your followers. This means you can’t just blast out content and then ignore any interaction you receive. You need to be ‘social’ if you want to encourage people to engage and interact, and then interact directly with your followers.

This means doing things such as:

• Liking replies to your content.
• Replying to comments. (As your followers grow, you won’t be able to reply to everyone, but you should seek to post a few replies on every post.)
• Sharing/retweeting your follower’s content.

In other words, build relationships by engaging with your audience in a real dialogue (instead of a monologue).

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Create Content That Gets Clicks

Now that you’re on the right platform and prepared to engage with your audience, the next thing you need to know is how to create content that gets clicks, shares, and comments. Take a look at these tips…

Give People What They Want

In order to figure out what they want, you’ll need to do some market research to find out what sort of content your audience tends to respond to the best. In addition to your regular market research (such as seeing what products people are buying), you’ll want to check out your competitors’ social media pages.

Pay attention to two things:

1. The general topic for the content. Do you see any sort of pattern? For example, if you’re in a dieting niche, do people tend to respond best to nutrition-related posts versus exercise-related posts?

2. The general format for the content. For example, does the audience seem to like memes? Videos? Infographics? Tips posts? Etc.


Ensure It’s a Quick Read Or View

People on social media don’t usually have time to read overwhelming pieces of content. That’s why you want to create content that people can read or view quickly, ranging from a meme that takes a second or two to read, to a video that perhaps takes two or three minutes (tops) to watch.

Craft an Enticing Title

People often decide whether to read or watch something based on the title, which is why you need to develop benefit-driven titles. If you can arouse curiosity, that’s good too. E.G., “The Conversion-Doubling Trick That Takes Just Two Minutes!”

Create Something Unique

People aren’t going to share your content or click through to your website if you’re sharing stuff that looks like every other piece of content on the web. That’s why you need to create something unique.

This can be as simple as sharing a unique story (such as an inspirational video), or even just a single little-known tip. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking – it just needs to be somewhat uncommon.

Generate Positive Feelings

Content that goes viral and gets other interaction (such as likes, loves, cares and clicks) tends to generate emotion, especially positive emotion. A good goal is to create something that makes people say “Wow!” or “Awww!” or “That’s heartwarming!” or “That’s awesome!”

Encourage People to Interact

If you want people to share and comment on your content, then ask them to do something.

For example, if you’re looking for comments, then ask questions or encourage people to share information, for example, ask them:

• What do you think?
• What’s your favourite tip?
• Have you ever had an embarrassing moment like this?

If you’re looking for people to share, then centre your call to action around that goal. Something like:

• Share this with your friends, because these days they could probably use a smile!
• Know someone who [needs some benefit]? Share this now.
• Be a hero among your friends and family and share this with them.
• Please do me a favour and share this on your page – I appreciate it!
• Share this if you agree!

Now a few parting thoughts…


The big social media platforms are really useful when it comes to generating prospects for your Product Launch, but you need to have a plan in place in order to make the most of these platforms. That’s why you’ll want to put these ideas to work in order to build better relationships with people in your audience and generate more launch traffic.

Of course there’s no guarantee the people you are interacting with on social media will become customers, which is why you need a proven process to take them from uninterested to aware, then interested in maybe buying from you, and finally into customers. This is exactly what Product launch Formula does.

If you’d like to see how the PLF process has worked for other entrepreneurs and business owners, you can do that by checking out these 60 Case Studies of real people who have used the formula successfully. By watching the ones that interest you, you’re probably going to have some ‘ah-ha’ moments of your own.

So check out the Product Launch Formula Case Studies page here and let me know what insights you had while watching other people using the process in their businesses.

Warm regards,


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