The Product Launch Formula Launch-Story So Far

So far Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula launch has been creating lots of excitement and since he opened up for registrations, hundreds of people have already joined.

To give you a high level look at how Jeff has run this launch, let’s take a look at the steps involved, from having people opt in initially (so he can control the “conversation” throughout the process, to the 3 content videos, and now the final “Sales” video that gives potential customers a full overview of the training and shows them their next steps if they want to get involved.

First up, everyone is sent to an optin page…where they are asked to self-segment themselves into 3 distinct groups so they can receive personalised content based on where they currently are in their business…

They are then taken through 3 professionally developed content videos (NOTE: Jeff has been doing this a LONG time and has a professional video crew. You DO NOT need to have videos and Pre-Launch content as slick and elaborate as this to do a super-profitable launch).

Jeff backs up these 3 awesome videos with his How to Rock Your Open Cart video.

Then over the next few days he shares a bunch of Case Studies of other people from all walks of life who have used Product Launch Formula that act as social proof that his process works.

And finally Jeff sends everyone to a dedicated video sales letter what makes an irresistible offer for his PLF class.

You could certainly model just what Jeff has revealed in this training, reverse engineer the process for yourself, and probably create a half decent launch for your product or service.

Or you could go all in and join us inside Product Launch Formula this year and learn how to knock it out of the park for YOUR business.

You can learn all about PLF here.

If you decide to join us, I’m really looking forward to chatting with you.

Warm regards


P.S. Just so you know, if you order Product Launch Formula through my link (and you stay on as a member for more than 30 days) Jeff will send me a referral fee.

As a way of thanking you for joining through me, I’ll give you personal help, advice and assistance during your launch.

I’ve been a PLF owner since 2007 and have used it and/or parts of it over and over again successfully.

And I want to help you succeed with PLF too.

That means I’ll personally help and advise you with:

  • Your product and sales funnel
  • Your offer
  • Your website and landing pages
  • Your launch email copy
  • Your launch webinar scripts (if you use them)

And ANYTHING you need I’ll help you with, including writing and re-writing your launch content, for as long as you need it (up to 6 months from now), during your first launch using the PLF system.

I normally charge between $7,500 and $25,000 for this service (plus a royalty based on sales), but you get it for free when you join Jeff’s Product Launch Formula 2018 class through my affiliate link.

You can get started here.

Then after you order, just send me a message at rttgemails [at] letting me know, and I’ll get back to you with all the info on how we can start working together.