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Put Your Business Growth On Autopilot With An Evergreen Launch

One of the beautiful things about the Product Launch Formula process is that once you’ve done your Seed Launch, your Internal Launch and your big JV launch (or even any of them), and you’ve perfected the process of turning cold visitors into customers, you can put your business growth on autopilot by creating an Evergreen Launch.

An Evergreen Launch is a great way to generate a large, ongoing profit stream from assets you only had to create one time. All that’s required is a constant stream of traffic into the front of your launch funnel, and sales will continue to come out of the back end.

Here’s the details of running your Evergreen Launch…

So as I mentioned, an Evergreen product launch is how you take a one-time product launch and turn it into an ongoing, recurring process. As people subscribe to your email list, they will go into a product launch shortly afterwards and be introduced (some might say indoctrinated into) your world. Even a very simple launch sequence will vastly outperform any type of what Jeff Walker calls “hope marketing”.

The basic steps are: run a product launch using the format Jeff teaches in Product Launch Formula, and then leave the product or service on the market so it’s available any time. Another way you can do it is to do a launch, take the product off the market for a period of time, and then relaunch it every so often.

An important thing to note is that there’s no one right way for everyone to use this. You can have multiple products and be using multiple different strategies. You don’t have to get everything perfectly right for this to work.

With an Evergreen Launch, new subscribers will start going through your product launch content maybe just 3 days after joining your list. So within 10-15 days, you are going to find out whether it converts or not, and you can make adjustments accordingly.

One thing to remember is that if you’re trying to do an Evergreen Launch with JV partners, it can be tough to motivate your partners to continue promoting. Their mailing calendars are typically full with JV Launches, so the chances of them wanting to promote for you on an ongoing basis are lower.

One way this can work is if you can get JV partners to add your launch sequence to their automated email followup sequences. That way your traffic AND sales from them will be evergreen, as long as your sequence keeps converting for them.

You can learn more about setting up an Evergreen Launch in Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula.

Talk soon,

Rocky Tapscott

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