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How To Create A Crushing Offer For Your Product Launch Formula Launch

The easiest way to make sure your product launch is a hit with your customers is to go all out and create what Jeff Walker calls a Crushing Offer.

So what is a Crushing Offer?

Here’s what Jeff says about it in his Product Launch Formula Mind Map

1 – Create an offer so strong it’s almost impossible to refuse. In other words, people would feel like an idiot for not taking you up on it.

2 – Give people what they want, because it makes everything a LOT easier for you

3 – Identify and answer objections during your launch content and forget about using any kind of “hard sell”

The idea is to make your launch offer so compelling that it’s easier for people to say yes than it is to say no.

The thing you’re launching should give your new customers everything they want to solve a problem they’ve told you they have, or achieve an outcome they told you they wanted to achieve.

And as you’ll recall, you learned how to find out exactly what they want by surveying them both BEFORE you started your Seed Launch, and then each week as you rolled out your Seed Launch to get feedback and gauge how your students were going.

That way you know your potential customers are going to be salivating over the prospect of getting their hands on your awesome new product as soon as you release it.

As Jeff says, rather than overwhelming people with a bunch of stuff in an effort to give your product a ‘Thud Factor’, when you find out exactly what people want to buy, and you make them an irresistible offer for it, you don’t have to ‘sell’ them on buying.

They naturally want to give you money to get the solution you KNOW they are after because they told you what it was.

How cool is that?

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