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How To Feel Comfortable Selling – Product Launch Masterclass 3

As we discussed yesterday, Jeff Walker is getting ready to do his third LIVE lesson in the Launch Masterclass… including live Q&A during the broadcast so you can have any questions you have answered.

Jeff’s “Product Launch Formula” is the launch process that nearly every top influencer and thought leader uses. He’s had over a million people go through his free launch training. And this year’s Launch Masterclass takes it to an even higher level.

He’s going to be talking about the “Open Cart” sequence. This is the part of a product launch where you make all the sales. And he’ll show you how to do it in a totally “non-slimy, non-salesy” way.

NOTE: this live training series is all free for now. And you can totally binge-watch it and get caught up. But it’s only available for a short time. You can register for the class here.

I’ll see you on the call in a few hours.

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The Product Launch Masterclass Open Cart Lesson Is Coming Up Next

As a Product Launch Formula owner since 2008 I’ve run and participated in a lot of launches…

But I’ve gotta say…

The Product launch Masterclass Jeff Walker has been running over the last few days has been one amazing prelaunch. Judging by the attendance and the comments the level of interest in it is super, super high. People are super excited at the quality + quantity + experience… it’s red hot.

So today was Lesson 2, Your Launch Path… and it was another great live broadcast in the launch with over three and a half hours of pure content.

The lesson had 3,273 comments during the broadcast. How awesome is that?

And by the way, people are already asking if they can buy PLF when the cart opens.

The Lesson 2 replay will be ready soon, and live Lesson 3 in the Launch Masterclass will be tomorrow. This one is called Making the Sale, and it’s all about the Open Cart – when you transition from prelaunch to actually making your offer.

It’s a super-exciting time in a launch and it’s also when people tend to make mistakes. So we’ll go over how to sell in a way that’s natural and comfortable, which is the opposite of sleazy or slimy.

And we’ll also talk about ways to keep energy and engagement up all the way through to the last day of your launch, when a good 50% of your sales are often made.

IMPORTANT: I’ve heard Jeff is going to “soft open” registration for PLF during this lesson before the big “official” Open Cart on Monday. So you’re definitely going to want to attend this one.

I’m really looking forward to Lesson 3 of the Launch Masterclass. You can register for it here.

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The Product Launch Masterclass Lesson 3 Replay Is Ready For You

Jeff Walker has just finished presenting Lesson 3 of his new Product Launch Formula Masterclass training live, and the replay is ready to watch.

Even though it ran long, people were hanging on until the very end. At 3+ hours in, there were still 1,205 folks watching, and more than 2,000 comments.

And people were RAVING about the Product Launch Blueprint (which you can download here). This is one of the best responses they’ve ever seen for it!

In this lesson, Jeff talks about:

  • The steps you can take to create a lifestyle business (just like he has done)
  • Walks you through the entire product launch process step-by-step
  • Shows how to use “Launch Stacking” to create what he calls “The Circle of Awesome”
  • And much more…

The replay of Lesson 3 has just been uploaded to the Concierge page, so you can go here and binge watch the first three lessons right now (plus get all the downloads, plus get the next lesson when it’s ready)… and it’s all free.

I’d love to hear what you think of Jeff’s Product Launch Masterclass, so please let me know in the comments below.

Chat soon,

Rocky Tapscott

5 Secrets Jeff Walker Shared In His Product Launch Formula Masterclass

I just re-listened to Jeff Walker’s first Product Launch Formula Masterclass and this time I took even more notes and screen shots than I did the first time 🙂

If you missed it or want to listen to it again, he has posted the recording here.

In the class, Jeff Walker shared 5 Product Launch secrets including…

1. The big mistake you HAVE to avoid in your marketing, and why you should treat this like the

2. What’s working right now when it comes to launching or re-launching products, services, or even entire businesses, and exactly how you can use this technique to stack one great launch on top of another

3. The single core strategy behind every successful launch that Jeff and his best students have ever held

4. How to launch any business (or launch or re-launch any product or service) in WEEKS instead of years (and make it successful right out of the gate)

5. What you should be focusing on as you prepare for your product launch (and why focusing on creating the perfect product can kill you)

The exciting thing is that all of this knowledge has been accumulated through real world experience – Jeff’s students have done over a billion dollars in business by using launches based on his Product Launch Formula process.

If you want to learn how you can turn your ideas into a profitable business… or how you can use launches to grow your existing business safely and quickly, then make sure you watch Part 1 of the Launch Masterclass here now.

It’s free to watch. But it’s not going to be available much longer.

I’d love to hear what you think of the training in the comments below.

Chat soon,

Rocky Tapscott